Trauma Release can

  • provide Immediate pain relief
  • decrease recovery time
  • help you avoid surgery
  • reduce the need for medications
  • help you avoid injections.

Welcome to better health for life!

Trauma Release has

  • no adverse side effects
  • the potential for rapid post-surgical healing

Dr. Nishimura is a groundbreaking orthodontist who has spent his career altering the world’s perception of orthodontics and it’s integral connection to the whole body.   Dr. Nishimura has developed a revolutionary treatment for acute and chronic pain called Trauma Release.  Trauma Release is a process by which a lifetime of accumulated, suppressed traumas that have been shielded from conscious awareness are removed by autogenic means.  The body's natural healing process then takes over.

Karl K. Nishimura

Improve your health!  Dr. Nishimura provides save and effective treatments for acute and chronic disorders.

  • Trauma Release Therapy

  • Nasal Breathing Treatment

  • TMJ Treatment